Wholesale Patch Handle Bags

  • Wholesale Patch Handle Bags

Four Star Plastics offers wholesale patch handle bags for all your retail shopping bag needs. Our plastic patch handle bags are ideal for trade shows, brochures, clothes, jewelry, small gifts, and much more. These bags have a high-quality look with a reinforced die cut patch handle that is affordable.

Durable, Affordable Plastic Patch Handle Bags for Retail and Jewelry Purposes

Our wholesale patch handle bags are a die cut style with a reinforced handle that adds strength and durability for whatever the use. They are a great way to promote your business when you custom print on these bags to endorse your company. These bags can be printed with any kind of message, such as your company name, company logo, information, or even a motto.


Custom Patch Handle Bags

There is an internal patch that is heat sealed or glued during conversion that gives the handle a strong, reinforced look. Our wholesale patch handle bags can be printed with a process color print or printed with spot colors. A process color print, also known as a 4-color process print, is a method that reproduces images like a photograph. Spot color print is similar to line art. Spot color print is usually less expensive compared to process printing. We have many stock sizes available for you to get today! If you cannot find a stock size that meets your needs or you need a custom print on the bag, please request a quote on custom patch handle bags or contact us with your custom requirements.

Features of Wholesale Patch Handle/ Plastic Jewelry Bags

  • Ideal for jewelry, trade shows, and much more
  • Reinforced patch handle for durability
  • Handle adds strength and sturdiness
  • Perfect for promoting your company through a custom print
  • Available in a range of different colors
  • Process or spot color printing available

Request a quote on wholesale patch handle bags, or contact Four Star Plastics for more information.