Soft Loop Handle /Trifold Handle

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Four Star Plastics offers Soft Loop Handle/Trifold Handle Bags for all your retail packaging needs. Made in a variety of different shapes and sizes, these bags are used for a range of different purposes in retail settings.

These trifold handle bags are made with a sturdy folded handle and come with a cardboard bottom insert to help the bag to stand without tipping over and reducing the chances of spillage. Use these bags to easily carry purchases from the store to the home. The trifold handle makes it comfortable to carry the contents in the bag and is available in many different colors such as black, purple, frosted clear, blue, and silver.


Our trifold handles will make sure that your customers leave with a good impression. They are made from a durable and cost-effective high density polyethylene material that offers protection for the content in the bag. High density bags are made with a high molecular film that helps prevent tearing or ripping. Our trifold handle bags are made with deep gussets which help the bag to stand on its own and look more presentable. These bags are available in three different sizes to best fit merchandise from retail stores as well as other items.

Our trifold shopping bags are packed 250 bags per case and are tinted to help the customer see inside the bag. If you have any questions about our trifold handle bags, please contact our excellent customer service specialists to help get the answers you need. If you cannot find a stock size that meets your needs or you need a custom print on the bag, please contact us today for a quote on Custom Poly Retail Merchandise and Shopping Bags  or please click on “Request for Quote”.

Features of Soft Loop Handle and Trifold Handle Bags

  •  Integrated handles make for easier carrying
  •  Made from high density polyethylene material
  •  Tinted and available in three different stock sizes
  •  Deep gussets help the bag to stand by itself
  •  Cardboard bottom insert reduces the chance of spillage
  •  Reinforced handles connect to the inside of the bag

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