Wholesale Header Bags

  • Wholesale Header Bags

Four Star Plastics offers wholesale Header Bags (Cardboard Header) as an intermediate solution to automated packaging equipment. These header bags are an excellent answer to bulky packaging tasks and are made from Low Density and High Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

Wicket Header Bags & Cardboard Header Bags

To make loading your items quick and easy, our poly header bags are packaged on a convenient header with perforations for easy tear off. (Most wicketed bags are not perforated).  These bags are designed to be used with stands or similar equipment. These bags can be used in most any application for any industry. For example, industrial, healthcare, business, and food service applications would all be appropriate users of these header bags. In the industrial industry, you can use these bags for storing and transporting packaging of items such as small car parts, toys, decorative items, accessories, and much more.


Our wholesale header bags are side sealed and come packed 50-250 bags per pack. Our bags are stapled to a chipboard header, and the perforated lip allows the bags to be dispensed one at a time when and where they are needed. They have drilled holes at the top of each header which allows for easy mounting at any work station. All of our header bags are made from virgin low density film or polypropylene and are FDA/USDA approved for food service applications.

If you have any questions about our poly header bags, please contact our excellent customer service specialists for the answers you need. If you cannot find a stock size that meets your needs or you need a custom print on the bag, please contact us today for a quote on a custom poly header bag or please click on “Request for Quote”.

Features of Wicket Header Bags & Cardboard Header Bags

  • Side sealed and filled into 50-250 bags per pack
  • Perforated lip lets bags be dispensed one at a time
  • Drilled holes on top lets for easy mounting
  • FDA/USDA certified for food contact
  • Bags are held together at the top by a header
  • Solution to automated packaging equipment

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