Bubble Packaging Bags

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Four Star Plastics offers reclosable bubble bags for all your packaging needs to protect delicate items. These bubble bags are multipurpose, meaning you can use them to cushion and protect your products.

Bubble Pouches Offer Reliable Protection for Your Bag’s Contents

Our reclosable bubble bags have a smooth outer wall and have 3/16” bubbles on the inside of the bag. These bags will protect delicate items and will help keep your products free from harm with bubbles between two layers of polyethylene. Not only will the bubbles protect your fragile items, but the zip top function will keep the bag free from outside elements such as dirt and moisture.

Wholesale Bubble Bags

Bubble bags are made of 100% virgin low density polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications for food contact. These bags employ a zipper to lock in your products in a single motion. The best thing about our bubble bags is that you can reuse them for many different purposes. Some examples of things you can put into the bag are picture frames, fragile electronics, hardware, parts and much more.

High Quality Reclosable Bubble Bags & Pouches

We have 3 stock sizes of reclosable bubble bags packed into cases of 50. Our stock reclosable bubble bags are manufactured to have the highest quality standards and offer a reliable closure performance. If you have any questions about our bubble bags, please feel free to contact  our customer service representatives to help you get the answers you need.

It is important to note that these bubble bags must ship as dimensional weight and shipping prices will be adjusted accordingly.

  •  Smooth outer wall and 3/16” bubbles inside
  •  Thicker bags to protect contents
  •  Reclosable and reusable bag with zip functionality
  •  Protects fragile and delicate items between bubbles
  •  Product must ship as dimensional weight
  •  Keeps contents free from dirt and moisture

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