Custom Reclosable Plastic Bags

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We offer custom reclosable plastic bags for nearly every application. Some options, such as our regular reclosable zipper bags and double track zipper bags, meet FDA and USDA standards for food contact. Other reclosable plastic bags, such as our amber reclosable bags and biohazard bags are ideally suited for use in healthcare. They are also great for large or small parts.

These bags are ideal for items that need to be kept fresh or packaged again. All our bags are recyclable.

Our reclosable poly bags can easily be custom-tailored to your unique needs. We offer custom sizes, gauges, styles, and closures, as well as custom printing and other features, to give you reclosable bags that match your requirements. We offer options for hang holes, writable white block areas and die cut handles. Request a quote on custom reclosable bags, or contact us for more information.

If you need standard-size reclosable zipper bags, view our inventory of stock sizes. With over 225 sizes available, we’re sure to have the right bag for your needs.

Custom Plastic Zipper Bag Features

  • Reclosable Plastic Bag for Food Available with or without custom printing
  • Custom sizes, gauges & closure options available
  • Available with hang holes, writable white block areas or die cut handles
  • Appropriate for countless packaging applications
  • Ideal for items that need to be kept fresh and/or secure
  • Select styles are FDA & USDA certified for food contact
  • Made from recyclable resins

Custom Bags with Logo, Branding, or Messaging for Any Industry

At Four Star Plastics, we can create custom bags with logo or other branded messaging for nearly any type of industry. With thousands of different styles of plastic bags, tubing and sheeting, and over 14 stock film colors, we can print custom plastic bags with logo, design, or any messaging to suit your industry or brand needs. We can use any combination of the thousands of Pantone colors to print your logo on your custom bags. With 16 warehouses located across the US, and over 35 years in the business, you can count on the speed, quality and experience of Four Star Plastics for all your custom plastic bag orders.

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