Custom Poly Leak Proof Bags

Four Star Plastics offers custom leak proof bags, manufactured with special additives for added seal strength that prevents leakage. With this built-in protection, our customized leak proof plastic bags are the perfect solution for your products that require liquids in the bag. They’re perfect for applications such as transporting tropical fish or medical fluids.

The Perfect Custom Leak Proof Bags for Your Needs

Our wholesale custom leak proof bags are manufactured from clean, seamless tubing, with no side slits or side seals, and a sturdy bottom seal. Standard styles meet FDA and USDA standards, making them safe for fish and other food applications. For applications that do not require animal (or food) contact, we can include extra or different additives to provide even greater strength in thicker gauges.

Because they’re open on one end, our custom leak proof bags can be closed with twist ties, a heat sealer, or tape. Layflat-style bags are available upon request.

These custom leak proof bags are a better choice than standard LDPE bags that don’t include our special additives. In addition to holding liquids, they are especially well-suited to low-temperature environments.

Customized leak proof bags can be tailored to your specifications. We can provide bags in the gauge and size you need, with special high-clarity finishes, custom  printing and other custom features that will make them the perfect product for your needs. Request a quote on customized leak proof bags, or contact Four Star Plastics to discuss your custom requirements.

If you need standard-size leak proof bags, check our inventory of stock sizes to see if we have the right size for you.

Features of Our Custom Leak Proof Bags

  • Available printed or unprinted
  • Manufactured with EVA and/or metallocene additives for extra-strong seals
  • Constructed for clean, seamless tubing with no side or slit seals
  • Perfect for transporting fish or other applications requiring liquid-filled bags
  • USDA- and FDA-approved for food contact
  • High clarity finishes available

Request a quote or contact Four Star Plastics for the customized leak proof bags you need.