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Four Star Plastics offers Shrink Wrap Systems for shrink wrapping packages and products together. This all in one system dispenses film, heat seals and shrinks film to the exact size of the product.

Our shrink wrap systems offer everything you need to begin your shrink wrap projects. All shrink wrap systems include one shrink wrap machine and one handheld heat gun. The Heat Gun offers two changeable speeds for shrinking. Before initially applying heat to the shrink, it is important to adjust the heat gun distance from the film because it will give you an idea of holding the gun from a proper distance. It also comes with an impulse sealer, which is a good option for small companies that are not expecting a large amount of output.

Our shrink wrap systems are suitable for shrinking up to 20 packages per hour and dispensing film smoothly without snags or tears. There is a double-hinged sealing arm that ensures a secure seal every time. For our deluxe systems only, we provide a small roll of film at no charge. The 13” system comes with a 10”x100’ roll and the 24” system comes with a 22”x100’ roll of centerfold shrink film. These free shrink rolls are 75 gauge and our shrink wrap system will include a maintenance kit.

Some of the things that come in the parts kits include a sealing wire, 5-3 mil Teflon® tape strips, fuse, sealing arm spring, silicone sponge, 3-10 mil Teflon® covers, and a micro switch. One piece of advice before using the shrink wrap system is to make sure you have proper ventilation when applying heat to PVC shrink film. If you have any questions about our shrink wrap systems, please feel free to call our customer service representatives to help you with your request.

  •  Dispenses film, heat seals, and shrinks film
  •  Can shrink up to 20 packages per hour
  •  Dispenses film smoothly without tears
  •  Handheld heat gun comes with adjustable controls
  •  Includes one shrink wrap machine and one heat gun
  •  Sealing arm ensures a secure seal



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