PVC Shrink Film

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Four Star Plastics offers PVC Shrink film for all your packaging and bundling applications needs. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, often used for pipes and water transportation.

PVC is one of the most common produced plastics in the packaging industry. It was preferred for many years until Polyolefin Shrink Film began to rise in popularity. Our PVC shrink film has excellent clarity which provides complete visibility of the products. It can be used in shrink tunnels and is more affordable than polyolefin shrink film. PVC shrink film provides protection from tampering and outside elements because it provides a tight fit protective cover after heat is applied to the film.

Our PVC shrink film has the ability to resist ambient heat in transit and requires very low temperature to shrink. It is very versatile and is known for its highly reflective appearance and flat surface. You can use PVC shrink film to package CDs, DVDs, boxes, and much more. Because PVC shrink film releases small amounts of hydrogen chloride into the air when heat sealed, it is important to have proper ventilation when sealing PVC shrink wrap. Our PVC shrink film is perfect for protecting items for outside elements such as dirt and harsh weather. They come center folded, offer a strong seal, have superior clarity, and come at an affordable price.

If you have any questions about our PVC shrink film, please contact our excellent customer service specialists. If none of our stock sizes meet your needs, please contact us today for a quote on a Custom Shrink Film.

  •  High clarity give visibility of products
  •  Can be used with a heat gun or shrink tunnels
  •  Resists ambient heat in transit
  •  Requires very low temperature to shrink
  •  Protects contents from dirt and harsh weather
  •  Proper ventilation required when heat is applied

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