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2 MIL Merchandise Bag with Die Cut Handle (9x12)

* Price Per Case:  $59.44 
*Price for 1-5
2 MIL Merchandise Bag with Die Cut Handle (9x12) | Die Cut Handle Bags

A die cut handle bag is a great way to provide your shoppers with an easy-to-use bag for their purchased merchandise. These high-efficiency die cut handle bags are packaged in cases of 1,000 units and are a necessity for any retail store. 

Additional die cut handle bag sizes available:

Contacts us for more information regarding our clear merchandise bags, or request a quote for an in-depth price analysis today. 

  • Gauge (Thickness): 2 MIL
  • Color: Clear
  • Package Type: Case
  • Units per Package: 1000
  • Width: 9 IN
  • Length: 12 IN
  • Side Gusset: N/A