6x8 Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags

SKU#: 370608300
Package Qty: 3000

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Poly-nylon vacuum pouches are perfect for vacuum sealed applications. Our 6x8 vacuum food bags can be used for numerous sized food quantities. These vacuum pouches seal in the freshness of food grade products, which allows them to maintain a longer shelf life. Also, these vacuum sealed bags can also store highly sensitive non-food items that are susceptible to air storage.  Our vacuum seal food bags are sold in cases of 1,000 units and measure 6x8.

Please note: these vacuum sealer bags will only work with an in-chamber, non-channeled, commercial vacuum sealer.

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Wholesale Vacuum Sealer Bags Specifications
Package Type:Case
Units per Package:3000
Size WxL:6" x 8"
Gauge (Thickness):3 Mil
Width:6 IN
Length:8 IN

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