Food-Grade Vacuum Bags

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Vacuum Bags

Four Star Plastics offers wholesale food-grade vacuum bags for food packaging or any application that requires sturdy, reliable vacuum-sealed bags.

Our vacuum bags can help extend the shelf life of a variety of products thanks to their rugged, multi-layer vapor transmission. These 3 mil vacuum bags are non-channeled and can be boiled, frozen, and microwaved, and can be used in “bone in” applications. They will also give you the highest level of clarity, impact resistance, and flexibility. These vacuum pouches are FDA and USDA approved for food contact and manufactured from top quality, laminated poly-nylon material.

Durable Wholesale Vacuum Pouches

Four Star Plastics’ vacuum bags provide excellent barrier protection and help keep moisture out. Our 9-layer blend of polyethylene and nylon resins makes these poly-nylon bags extremely durable and long-lasting.

These bags have a moisture transmission rate of less than 5g/m2 and oxygen transmission rates of less than 45c/m2. Poly-nylon vacuum bags can be safely boiled for up to 40 minutes, and are a perfect solution for any food packaging needs—meats, cheeses, fish, poultry, and nearly any other perishable food items.

We recommend heat sealing these vacuum bags for the best results.

The Vacuum Bag for Your Needs

We offer food-grade vacuum bags in more than 30 stocks sizes, all with 3 mil poly-nylon construction. Our vacuum bags are packaged in cases cases in quantities of 250, 500, or 1,000, depending on the specifications of the bag.

If you can’t find vacuum pouches in the size you need, please contact us for assistance or request a quote on custom vacuum bags that match your specifications.

Order wholesale vacuum bags today, or contact Four Star Plastics to learn more.

Please note: these vacuum sealer bags will only work with an in-chamber, non-channeled, commercial vacuum sealer.

Features & Benefits of Four Star’s Vacuum Bags

  • Meet FDA/USDA requirements for food contact
  • Made from a top quality, laminated, 9-layer poly-nylon film
  • Can be boiled, frozen, microwaved; suitable for bone-in applications
  • Dozens of sizes available, including custom sizes
  • Extends shelf life for your food products
  • Great impact resistance and flexibility, with high clarity
  • Excellent oxygen/moisture transmission rates